This website con­tains in­for­ma­tion about the book series  Play­ing Pia­no Chords.

About “Play­ing Pia­no Chords”

With these books you can learn to accompany songs on the piano in a smooth way. You don’t need to be able to read mu­sic. In­stead, you learn the chords with ima­ges that are easy to un­der­stand, like the following:


With the pic­tures you can quick­ly mas­ter the chords. You can ac­com­pa­ny a first song af­ter half an hour.

Each les­son will take about 30-45 min­utes (de­pend­ing on your skills of course). Part I contains thirty-six lessons and Part II contains another thirty-six. So in total there are seventy-two lessons. In each block you will learn new chords and new songs to play. Here are the table of contents of part I.


This app fea­tures count­less songs from ar­tists such as Ed Shee­ran, The Beat­les, Alic­ia Keys, Queen and The Black Eyed Peas. The songs are from dif­fer­ent styles and pe­ri­ods. These songs have all been hits, so you’re prob­a­bly fa­mil­i­ar with most of them.

Of all the songs on­ly a part is treat­ed, in or­der to keep the les­sons con­cise. Most­ly the chorus is shown, be­cause that it is the most rec­og­niz­able part of the song. How­ev­er, in some oc­ca­sions anoth­er part is cho­sen.

In these les­sons you will learn among oth­ers: Ma­jor and Mi­nor Tri­ads, Sev­enth Chords, Ma­jor Sev­enths, Ninths, Sus4 Chords, Six Chords und Slash Chords.


You can order the book from Amazon, for example on (Part I and Part II) or on (Part I and Part II). The books are available as paperback, hardcover or eBook.