This website con­tains in­for­ma­tion about the book Play­ing Pia­no Chords.

About “Play­ing Pia­no Chords”

With this app you can learn to ac­com­pa­ny songs on the piano in a smooth way. You don’t need to be able to read mu­sic. In­stead, you learn the chords with ima­ges that are easy to un­der­stand, like the following:


With the pic­tures you quick­ly mas­ter the chords. You can ac­com­pa­ny a first song af­ter half an hour.

Each les­son will take about 30-45 min­utes (de­pend­ing on your skills of course). Part I of the book contains thirty-six lessons and Part II contains another thirty-six. So in total there are seventy-two lessons. In each block you will learn new chords and new songs to play. Here are the table of contents of the book.


This app fea­tures count­less songs from ar­tists such as Ed Shee­ran, The Beat­les, Alic­ia Keys, Queen and The Black Eyed Peas. The songs are from dif­fer­ent styles and pe­ri­ods. These songs have all been hits, so you’re prob­a­bly fa­mil­i­ar with most of them.

Of all the songs on­ly a part is treat­ed, in or­der to keep the les­sons con­cise. Most­ly the chorus is shown, be­cause that it is the most rec­og­niz­able part of the song. How­ev­er, in some oc­ca­sions anoth­er part is cho­sen.

In these les­sons you will learn among oth­ers: Ma­jor and Mi­nor Tri­ads, Sev­enth Chords, Ma­jor Sev­enths, Ninths, Sus4 Chords, Six Chords und Slash Chords.


You can order the book from Amazon. The books are available as paperback, hardcover or eBook.

There is an app of the book for iPhone and Android as well. The app is a lot cheaper than the book.